About Cath

From a very early age Cath was more interested in building blocks, technical Lego and construction toys rather than dolls and typical ‘girl’ toys.

Her natural ability to take apart, put back together and improve things instinctively lead Cath to become obsessed with motorbikes and then with cars and particularly Porsches.

After school and during college Cath worked at an independent Porsche Specialist garage that she had been in contact with whilst writing a report on gas-flowing cylinders, she stayed for five years and in this time she learnt all she could about Porsche from re-building gearboxes to full engine re-builds.Cath then decided it was time to go it alone.

She set up as a mobile mechanic working on Porsches and would travel to customers homes or places of work; geography was unimportant as Cath enjoyed the drive. Eventually she realised this was not conducive with running a business and so with the help of a friend Cath based her self in a workshop, remaining independent and specialising in Porsche.

Finally Cath moved into her own premises and the rest as they say is history.

Cath’s philosophy is simple: to offer her customers a personal, professional and cost effective service. She does her very best to accommodate her customers needs by working additional hours and going that extra mile to make sure each job is completed to her own very high standards.

Please call me on 01257 425 514 or complete the online form for more details.
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